Frequently Asked Questions

About Fintrics

What is Fintrics?

Fintrics is a web site that offers twelve-month price targets for over three thousand stocks, using a proprietary valuation model powered by over 100 financial metrics.

Who's behind Fintrics?

Fintrics was started by Jonah Lupton and Jon Blankenship with the goal of providing the average investor affordable access to fair market stock valuation projections based on sound fundamental analysis. Fintrics uses the same metrics and methods that Jonah uses in his own investing when evaluating growth stocks.

Fintrics is developed and maintained under Fintrics, LLC.

What does the price target represent?

The price target represents a projected fair market value for a given stock, based on the Fintrics valuation model using actual and projected fundamental metrics and technical indicators. The price target is not a guarantee of future stock performance.

Does Fintrics have XYZ stock?

You can check to see if Fintrics has a particular stock by entering the ticker in the search box in the member’s area, or in the demo search box on the landing page.

We have over 3000 stocks and are adding more daily. If there’s a stock or two that you’d like for us to add, send the ticker(s) to us at [email protected] and we’ll add them if they are available from our data provider.

It’s been twelve months and my price target wasn’t hit. What gives?

No valuation model is perfect. Some stocks will come up short of their price targets, while others will shoot right past them. A few might hit their target on the nose. The Fintrics model aims to give a realistic ballpark fair market value estimate based on the fundamentals of the company known today.

What if I don’t agree with the price targets?

Not everyone will agree with the price targets that the Fintrics model produces, and that’s ok. We hope that you’ll get value from using Fintrics, but if not, you can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

How should I use the price targets in my investing?

That’s totally up to you. We are not offering investment advice.

Are you offering investment advice?

Absolutely not.

Valuation Model

How are the price targets calculated?

The price targets are calculated using a proprietary valuation model that considers over a hundred financial metrics for a given company. We can’t tell you exactly how we perform the calculation, but know that our model considers and weights various company metrics according to how we feel they contribute to the stock’s fair market value.

What metrics are used in calculating the price targets?

Some of the metrics used in the Fintrics model include …

  • Revenue (actual and projected)
  • EBITDA (actual and projected)
  • Income (actual and projected)
  • Free cash flow (actual and projected)
  • Gross margin (actual and projected)
  • EBITDA margin (actual and projected)
  • P/S for industry peers
  • Current price
  • Historical prices
  • … just to name a few.

Can I override the assumptions used by the model?

Yes, a portion of the metrics used by the model can be overridden. To do so, click the button labeled “Assumptions” on a calculated price target. A panel will expand showing some of the metrics that were used to calculate the price target. You can change any of the values and click the “Recalculate” button to recalculate the price target using your assumptions.

On some stocks you may notice that some of the assumptions are +/-100%. By default, Fintrics caps most of the growth rates and margin percentages at +/-100%. You can override these to be more or less than the capped values.

Are backtest results available for the model?

Not at this time.

Does the valuation model use AI?

The Fintrics valuation model does not currently use artificial intelligence, but we are evaluating potential applications of AI (in particular machine learning) in future versions of the model.